Size: 58 x 40 cm | H: 53 cm
Material: bronze


  • Price: € 6.850

Limited edition: 11

VAR excluded

Without a doubt Gaya is an abstract piece, one of the artist’ most emblematic works so far. An ordinary woman, a goddess, a saint? To the artist what matters is the emotion brought by the artwork, leading the observer to believe that anything is possible.

To Claudia Godoy, Gaya is mystical given her representation of maximum creation. A half-faced beautiful woman who stare at herself (planet Earth) with tenure and hope. The impossibility to look while lacking an eye is irrelevant once her only existing eye is closed.

The artist vision shows that seeing is less imperative than feeling.

Another interesting aspect in this piece is Gaya’s hair. Elements such as earth (roots flowing upwards) water and fire alternate giving life of the piece’s hair.

Another possible interpretation is Gaya’s vulnerability, especially when asking ourselves if her clothing alludes to a straightjacket.

Under this scope, the abstract artwork Gaya in all its symbolism may represent a vison of the planet itself through self realization and introspection. Gaya even when powerless sees herself with tenure and hope. Many can interpret this work differently, yet I believe this might be the most poetic form of understanding the image created.

Artwork process